Trend Watch: Textured Tile

While polished is still in demand in East Africa, matte textures let you create a softer, more livable feel.

Ibaba Rwanda

Great Finds

Started in the 1970’s and revitalized in 2011, Ibaba Rwanda has 22 talented woman who hand embroider table clothes, napkins, pillow covers, and table runners on the highest-quality Belgium linen.

Vintage Paint Colors by Crown Paint

East Africa's Very Own Color Palette - Vintage Romantic

Vintage doesn’t mean old-fashioned here. It means time-honored, classic and softly romantic.


Kitchen: Light it Up

Working in your kitchen isn’t just about space or the wonderful appliances; it’s also about the light that lets you work.

Shrinal Patel

Designer Focus: Shrinal Patel

Shrinal Patel is an interior designer with more than 7 years’ experience who loves working on vastly diverse projects, both large and small.


East Africa's Very Own Color Palette - Vibrancy & Culture

Bright, vibrant and alive characterizes this theme of an explosion of color. Everywhere you go  there is activity, music and people.

East Africa's first color palette

East Africa's Very Own Color Palette

Why did we develop East Africa’s first color palette for the region?


Designer Focus: Natasha Rubardiri Mwanika

Lucky us, we worked with designer Natasha Rubadiri Mwanika on this wonderful layout of a home she designed starting on page __.