Be Eclectic

Looking to create a home that is distinctly your own?


Great Finds

I found these while shopping in Nairobi on Mombassa Road. A large place called the Furniture Mall has many lights, couches and beds to chose from.


Why Choose Teak Garden Furniture?

A beautiful set of garden furniture is a welcome addition to any outside or conservatory space, however big or small.


Final Note: Working with Designers

You have a file and it is filled with pretty pictures of couches, chairs, dinning sets and bed linens.


More Outdoor Fabric

Looking for other colors for your outdoor furniture. Nishit & company in Nairobi carries a number of colors in stock.


Outdoor Fabrics Come to East Africa

Got a pool and don't like laying directly onto the wood or (ugh) plastic chairs? Try some of the UV protected fabrics to cover a cushion left outside.

This desk lamp is about 40cm high and looks great on any table.

Great Finds: Table Lamps

Create a romantic or dramatic mood in your rooms by adding table lamps for task and ambient lighting.


How to Create Some Drama

What woman doesn’t have a flare for the dramatic? At some point we all do. With interior design, it can play to your advantage, making a room a stage.


Great Finds

Staying with a vintage/industrial look, this one also caught our eye.