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Shrinal Patel

Designer Focus: Shrinal Patel

Shrinal Patel is an interior designer with more than 7 years’ experience who loves working on vastly diverse projects, both large and small.


East Africa's Very Own Color Palette - Vibrancy & Culture

Bright, vibrant and alive characterizes this theme of an explosion of color. Everywhere you go  there is activity, music and people.

East Africa's first color palette

East Africa's Very Own Color Palette

Why did we develop East Africa’s first color palette for the region?


Designer Focus: Natasha Rubardiri Mwanika

Lucky us, we worked with designer Natasha Rubadiri Mwanika on this wonderful layout of a home she designed starting on page __.


Great Finds

Loving the new morning show in Rwanda, Rise & Shine? Get their great coffee table from Kigali Home Interiors.Kigali Home Interiors+250 787 396556


Great Finds

Wreath, table runner and beautiful candles will set the scene for outdoor entertaining, especially at Christmas. Enjoy these pieces from Villa Kololo Interiors in Kampala.


Building A Dream Home

Building a dream house can be an issue even if you are an educated and trained designer as Michaella Kubwimana found out when she built her 3-bedroom home in the Kibagabaga section of Kigali.

photo from Syndicate Details

Trend Watch: Soft Black & White

It’s been a staple in interior design over the years, but now we’re seeing a shift to softer tones of black and white, taking that ha

Modern Villa in Rwanda

A Modern Villa for Rwanda

Billy Cheung has lived in East Africa for 14 years. He’s seen the changes in building in the region and the movement toward higher quality in the structure of houses and the products provided.