Home Decor


Be Eclectic

Looking to create a home that is distinctly your own?


Great Finds

I found these while shopping in Nairobi on Mombassa Road. A large place called the Furniture Mall has many lights, couches and beds to chose from.


Why Choose Teak Garden Furniture?

A beautiful set of garden furniture is a welcome addition to any outside or conservatory space, however big or small.


Final Note: Working with Designers

You have a file and it is filled with pretty pictures of couches, chairs, dinning sets and bed linens.

This desk lamp is about 40cm high and looks great on any table.

Great Finds: Table Lamps

Create a romantic or dramatic mood in your rooms by adding table lamps for task and ambient lighting.


How to Create Some Drama

What woman doesn’t have a flare for the dramatic? At some point we all do. With interior design, it can play to your advantage, making a room a stage.


Great Finds

Staying with a vintage/industrial look, this one also caught our eye.


Trend Watch: Textured Tile

While polished is still in demand in East Africa, matte textures let you create a softer, more livable feel.

Ibaba Rwanda

Great Finds

Started in the 1970’s and revitalized in 2011, Ibaba Rwanda has 22 talented woman who hand embroider table clothes, napkins, pillow covers, and table runners on the highest-quality Belgium linen.

Vintage Paint Colors by Crown Paint

East Africa's Very Own Color Palette - Vintage Romantic

Vintage doesn’t mean old-fashioned here. It means time-honored, classic and softly romantic.