Merry Olde England


Merry Olde England

Spent Christmas this year in England. It was nice to get away, but I do like to use the opportnity to see what's happening in other parts of the world. Much to my husband's frustration, we visited a number of tile stores and fabric shops. They have such magnificent things and so much that is different from here.

One thing I'm sure of, we need more mosaics. Did all you tile suppliers hear that? MORE MOSAICS for East Africa! Look at the whole wall of the little darlings. So many options, so many decorative uses. How can we be missing out on them?

In the next picture I found these great stones for a bathroom floor or showerbed. Just the right amount of tile to grout that you won't slip.

This third picture is a strong trend for tile, faux-textured surfaces. In this case wood-like look, a rustic floor tile that simulates hardwood. The other, also quite interesting simulates an older concrete floor. Both styles, though not the exact tile, are available in stores in Kigali and Kampala through RAK Ceramics and other quality tile companies.