Why Choose Teak Garden Furniture?


Why Choose Teak Garden Furniture?

A beautiful set of garden furniture is a welcome addition to any outside or conservatory space, however big or small. Garden furniture can really compliment your yard and make your outdoor area a wonderful place to relax or socialize. By adding a stunning teak furniture set to your lawn patio or pool side you’ll feel as though you’ve gained an extra room and the perfect excuse for a garden party.

Why do we recommend teak? Teak is weather resistant; it is naturally oily, which means it is resistant to disease, rot and garden pests, like termites; teak keeps its shape over the years in spite of humidity; there are several styles, modern and traditional, as well as several colours to chose from to reflect your personal style.

Choosing teak garden furniture can seem expensive; however it is worth the price when you consider the quality and durability of your investment. Be assured, your money is well spent on these quality pieces.

Go into Nina Interiors in Kampala or Kigali and talk to them about their full line of garden furniture and learn why teak is the right choice for you and your home.

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