A Modern Villa for Rwanda


A Modern Villa for Rwanda

Billy Cheung has lived in East Africa for 14 years. He’s seen the changes in building in the region and the movement toward higher quality in the structure of houses and the products provided. As Chairman of Doyelcy Group, Cheung is responsible for the 200+ condo project slated for Nyarutarama in this next year.

“I believe Africans, like people elsewhere, want beautiful homes. Not just beautiful on the outside, but filled with quality products, that they will live with for a long time,” says Cheung. “People are tired of low cost products that don’t hold up.”

Cheung says the Company is taking its time on this project because they want to get it right. “If we produce a quality home, that will mean something to buyers and they will choose us.” To that end, Hatari Sekoko, the CEO of Doyelcy Group is actually living in the newest model home.

When you buy our home, we will customize it says Sekoko. “When you see this layout with a full 5 bedrooms, don’t think that you are bound by it. You want a larger kitchen and only 3 bedrooms; we will make it for you that way.”

One of the best features of the homes, says Sekoko, is the privacy. This is an enviable place, located in Nyarutarama, with open space directly behind you, low traffic on the street in front of you, and your own private pool. “Silence is wonderful here and that is beautiful”, he says.

Century Real Estate is handling the exclusive listing on the villas and the condominiums to come. “The project is certainly unique in terms of location, design, functionality and size,” says Charles Haba, Managing Director. “What we are also selling is not only the homes but a lifestyle. Hardly any other projects are offering this at the moment.”

According to Haba the response has been amazing. “Naturally, it may be out of reach for certain buyers but the market appreciates the design,” he concludes.

The plan in Nyarutarama includes the condominium project with four, three and two bedroom models of which there will be 200. Additionally, there will be 15 custom villas and a new Sheraton Hotel.  Estimate time to completion is 2016.