Mistakes in Decorating - What You Really Shouldn't Do


Mistakes in Decorating - What You Really Shouldn't Do

As we write this piece about decorating mistakes, please note that we don’t believe that this is a must follow list. Rules in design are meant to be broken and this is merely a guide to improve the look, feel and flow of your home. Take what works for you and throw out the rest. It’s your place. 


Don’t lose focus. 

Before you start, find your central point or focal point. Is it the view out the large windows, or the TV for viewing? Build off that point. Place the furniture and see how it looks. Can you walk around and access the whole space? Can you walk through the room easily to get to another place without tripping over something? If it doesn’t work, keep moving pieces around. That’s the great thing about furniture, it’s flexible.


Size Matters! 

Furniture can be too small for a space. A larger room needs appropriately sized furniture, or just more furniture. If you are moving to a larger home, you will need to think about the size and scale of the rooms and the furniture you have, where it will be placed and how you will enhance it if need be. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with a bold, dramatic piece and build around it.  Avoid crowding the space; can you walk around, move easily from room to room with a clear pathway? Check this before adding more furniture. 


Back Away From the Walls! 

The goal in each room is to create an intimate space where people gather. Allowing flow is critical, so pull the couch away from the walls. Bring it into the room and if you have the space pull it in far enough so you can walk behind it.  


Who Turned the Lights Out? 

Every room needs good lighting for work, reading and just talking. Natural lighting will change over the course of the day, and must be supplemented with overhead and task lighting. Lamps placed in the areas most needed like desks, sofa tables, near beds, all add layers to the ambiance of a room. Check size of lights. A too small lamp will look silly in a larger space, but on a desk will be appropriate. 


Cheap and Inexpensive DO NOT Mean the Same Thing! 

Always buy the best you can afford. There is nothing wrong with shopping for a sale or bargaining for a better deal, but don’t buy cheap. Skimping on quality will not pay off. The money you save now will not make any difference if you have to replace that couch or table and chairs in 5 years because the wood has not held up, the frame is weak or the fabric shredded.  


Buy What You Can, When You Can and Don’t Worry about Matching 

Everything need not match! Rooms benefit from the extra texture, pattern and color from other like items. When additional patterns and colors are brought in, a room gains depth and dimension. Can’t afford a whole set? Buy just the sofa. In a few months add chairs or a coffee table. Each piece will bring a new experience and a fuller history for you and your home. 


Don’t Listen to Your Mother-in-Law! Or Your Mother, or Your BFF. 

The way you decorate your home should reflect your interests, passions, style, your past, present and future. Don’t let anyone impose their taste and style on you. If you need help solicit a designer but leave well-meaning friends and family out of the picture. It’sOKto say no to their suggestions as well as to any piece of furniture they may want to unload on you that’s not to your liking!