Kitchen: Light it Up


Kitchen: Light it Up

Working in your kitchen isn’t just about space or the wonderful appliances; it’s also about the light that lets you work. A good lighting plan is essential to helping you utilize your space effectively. Here are a couple of ideas to think through when planning out your kitchen:

Mix up the lights:

Don’t rely on just one type of lighting, like overheads, for example. Use under cabinet lights for tasks, overheads for overall lighting and even decorative pieces if you have an island or peninsula. If you have a high ceiling and your cabinets don’t reach the top, consider adding up lights above the cabinets, shining the light onto the ceiling. This will create a nice mood in the room and will illuminate the space softly when you turn all the others off.

Don’t make it all about work:

Pendant lights are used often for kitchen lighting. Don’t be afraid to go a little bold. Add a bright color with them, or if they are over an island, and the cabinets reflect the style, add a chandelier; they aren’t just for dining rooms any more. Chandeliers are beautiful and give a gracious, old-world feel to the room.

Light Up all the work zones:

Whether it is food prep or cooking space, make sure you have light. Nothing is worse than trying to function in a space with inadequate light. Cuts will happen most often when you can’t see what you’re doing. A hood with a light will work with the cooker, and under cabinet or pendants work on the counters. Consider using a pendant or bold light fixture over the sink and in front of the window. Better too much than not enough.

Can you see inside?

Cabinet light accessories are becoming more popular.   They are not expensive and can add a lot to the mood and function of the cupboards. Consider a corner cabinet that is difficult to reach into and to see what’s inside. A small light in this base cabinet will give you the ability to see 60cm back and know what’s hiding in there.