Food, Drinks & Fresh Air – the Answer for the Holidays


Food, Drinks & Fresh Air – the Answer for the Holidays

Entertaining outside or dining “al fresco” is common for us in East Africa. Our weather, even when raining, lends itself to enjoying the outdoors. With the holidays approaching, we showcase two different styles for your table, one a traditional elegant look and the other a more eclectic rustic look.

A Traditional Elegant Holiday Setting with tableware from Bliss Interiors. The three torch candleholders were found at Villa Kololo Interiors.
Silver & Gold just sings holidays and Sharon Nzeyi of Bliss Interiors has it in abundance. “Most people have silver or silver plate stemware unless you want pewter or an all silver look at the holidays, it’s important to mix,” says the designer.

Working with her assistant, Linda, Nzeyi has created an elegant table. She starts with white table clothes and then layers them with gold fabric, followed by placemats in gold and silver.  The matching napkins continue the formal setting, along with simple silver and glass candlesticks and white pillar candles.
Like a beautiful outfit, you don’t need a lot of jewelry to be elegant. This table has all of the elements but is still simple. “We let the pieces themselves make the statement”, says Nzeyi.

Use What You Have
If you’re looking for casual and intimate, don’t look to your finest items, look for your most unique. A table doesn’t have to be elaborate to be special. Bold candles, colorful glassware and an antique table pull together to make this a beautiful evening outside.

Lighting can be a challenge outside. Not wanting to be too bright we strung three lights from Noor Lamp Shades in copper, brass and silver over the rustic table and chairs. The combination of the three mixed metals gives warmth to the space as well as the ability to comfortably see to whom you are talking.

The centerpiece on the table is two holiday placemats with palm leaf wreaths placed on top. We finished with round, red scented candles in two different sizes and a solid wood candlestick holder. Our colorful glassware is from the Game Store; we finished with oversized holiday gift tags as our place cards. Earthy and grounded, this table can work inside and out.