East Africa's Very Own Color Palette


East Africa's Very Own Color Palette

Why did we develop East Africa’s first color palette for the region? Because our area of the world is different from Europe or North America and we felt the need to bring out the feel, the culture and tastes of the people who live here.

We were joined in this effort by designers from both fashion and interiors who gave us their time and their experience to develop four themes and a range of colors within each. Our themes we believe are reflective of our society now and through this next year as it continues to expand and flourish into 2015.

Our Design Team:

Patricia Karugaba Kyazze is the Managing Director at Nina Interiors, the leading furniture and furnishing company in the region with a showroom in Kampala, Uganda and  Kigali, Rwanda showcasing quality furniture, custom made curtains& blinds and a host of decorative accessories. 

Colombe Ituze Ndutiye is a Rwandese fashion designer. Driven by the passion of drawing that she developed at young age, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, combining her traditional culture with modern designs. In 2009, Colombe was recognized as the youngest designer at the 1st edition of Rwanda Fashion Festival that attracted fashion gurus from different African countries and Europe. Colombe was also awarded as the 2013 fashion and style Role model by the Diva Award Afrika.

Linda Ndungutse is the Creative Director and Co-founder of haute baso. haute | baso was born based on the idea that “two heads are better than one”. The mission is to translate a passion for art and design into a vehicle for positive change. To implement this, haute | baso identified creation of handcrafted pieces and interior decor as a medium to highlight local and regional artisans while promoting job creation.

Shrinal Patel is an interior designer with more than 7 years’ experience who loves working on vastly diverse projects, both large and small. A graduate in Interior Architecture, her projects range from commercial, exhibition, and residential design, both in Australia and Kenya.

Based at Crown Paints in Nairobi, with offices in Westlands and affiliated with their showrooms across Kenya and Tanzania, Shrinal prides herself on working closely with her clients to achieve the highest standards of design and craftsmanship.

Lisa B Marler found herself in Rwanda unsure whether her talents as an interior designer had any relevance in East Africa. Through days and months of searching to answer that question, she developed the concept for H Magazine. “The palette that strikes me most is Vibrancy and Culture,” says Marler. “What we at H are trying to do is showcase this part of the world and when I look around here what I see are these big, bold colors.”  H Magazine can now be found in Rwanda, Uganda, Nairobi and soon, Tanzania.