Be Eclectic


Be Eclectic

Looking to create a home that is distinctly your own? Don’t follow the pattern of selecting a style like modern, or Tuscan, or even African. Mix it up! Bring your own history and your taste into your home through an eclectic style.

What does that mean exactly? It’s not just about random items placed around the room. It means to bring together different styles, periods and cultures into one space. Not an easy task to get it right, so let’s try to sort it for you.

Create a Mix

Just as the definition suggests, you mix different pieces into one look. In doing so, you must find the related feature to blend it all together. It could be a color, which is common, but it could also be a shape or texture.

Build on Contrasts

An important feature is contrast: light walls and dark woods or even black furniture, metals against woods, and a striking big piece of furniture or art mixed with smaller items. Hint: only use one big piece or you’ll have other things competing for attention versus complimenting.

Check the Scale

Similar to the hint above, check that the pieces feel in line with each other and the size of the room.

Unify Your Space with Color

First, neutrals will help ground an eclectic space. There’s a lot going on so a neutral wall color keeps the space from drifting into a spin. It allows a backdrop for bigger bolder colors to come out. Aside from just paint color, think of neutral leather couches or chairs, or a neutral colored, but textured fabric on the sofa.

Second, bring in one or two colors that can be used in patterns on throw pillows, rugs, accessories or art. Let one be dominant and use the other as an accent. Play with the size of patterns here as well. Think about using a large striped rug with your dominant color and repeat it in a smaller, different pattern for the accent pillow on a side chair.

Repeat, Repeat, then Stop

Repetition is a good thing when you are trying to create a unified look with furniture and accessories that seem to share little in common. Repeat a shape, or color, or pattern throughout the room so that the space looks well put together.

Know when to stop. Take a step back, look at your work and see the different elements. An eclectic style also means that everything has a place. So ask yourself, does it feel right? Are there too many accessories? Remove something or add something. Play with it, but remember too much can make a room look cluttered. Be brave; take chances you’ll be happy you did.